Bipolar Buddha Jesus

Bipolar Buddha Jesus

What are their signs?

Depressed Siddhatha saw all was suffering: life, old age, illness, and death. He left his wife, son, and palace, for the forest—the withdrawal. He had insomnia sitting under a tree three days and nights, hallucinating an encounter with the devil’s temptation for the devil’s own daughters, world power, and wealth. He transcended to manic enlightenment, hearing the earth thundering in joy for him, seeing his past thousand lives. He woke up to teach the suffering humanity.

Depressed young Jesus withdrew from the world and life for years unknown to history. He reappeared hallucinating an encounter with the devil, tempted with worldly power and wealth. He hallucinated he was the only Son of God, to carry the sin of the world on his shoulders. He hallucinated manic power to healing miracles, calling the dead to life again. Manic, he drove sacrilegious hawkers out of the synagogue, in delusion his father’s house. Manic, he felt infinite love, for all humanity: saints, sinners, and criminals. His suicide was the cross of agony, the grandeur salvation for all humanity.

Today, manic-depressives suffer from mania, depression, delusion, schizophrenia, and suicide. The distinction between us and Siddhatha and Jesus is a fine line. Yes, we can live with our condition and achieve as they did.

LH Kwan
2009.6.9 draft 2
(224 words.)


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