Little Snail 小窝牛 Poem by Weiying 韦颖诗

小窝牛 Little Snail

韦颖 八岁 WEI Ying[1], 8  (1997) 


小窝牛, 慢慢走.

路再远, 也不愁. 





Go slowly, slowly little snail,

The road is long but do not worry,

Steady steps will never fail,

You’ll beat the sun, no need to scurry.

            (Christine Mewis translation 2008.7.18.)



Go slowly, little snail

Fear not the far away

Don’t linger lest you fail

To beat Sun to new day

(Pat Ajello translation 2008.7.4.)



Little snail while you walk slow

However far the road may go

No matter if you walk or run

You’ll surely overtake the sun

(Maureen Minden translation 2008.7.4.)


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