Decartes on Dialectic 辯證法是什麽?

Decartes on Dialectic


 There is nothing we can imagine, however absurd or incredible, that has not been maintained by one philosopher or another.[1]


無論如何不合理, 荒謬, 荒誕, 荒唐, 無稽, 可笑, 胡鬧,

 不可相信, 不可思議, 驚人, 光怪陸離:


Descartes 笛卡兒 


Hegel’s dialectic contradictions are absurd, incredible, ‘grotesque in shape and gaudy in colour, bizarre and motley (Chinese saying)’.  黑格爾的辯證矛盾,荒謬不可思議,光怪陸離。 


KWAN Lihuen Chinese translation and comment 關理煊譯評。

Canada 加拿大 2009-09-02 draft 2 稿 172 words


 (File: Descartes on Dialectic)


[1] Opening motto quote in English in “What is Dialectic?”, Chapter 15 in Conjectures and Refutations by Karl Popper,   London:: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1963, pages 312-335.


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