Meditation Heals Mental Illnesses

Meditation Heals Mental Illnesses

 “心病还需心药医Illness of the mind needs to be treated mentally if a cure is to be achieved,” so goes the Chinese saying.  

       Meditation looks at our mental confusions and provides a way by which we can free ourselves through awareness.  It is a methodical, step-by-step, treatment without side effects, requiring no drugs or syringes.  It seeks to eliminate the five poisons of craving, hate, stupidity, laziness, and suspicion, which give rise to mental illnesses such as autism, delusion, schizophrenia, manic-depression, and thoughts of suicide. 

    With years of practice and experience, Master Huimen (慧门禅师) teaches Chinese Buddhist meditation as a way to enter the inner world of the mentally ill, lead participants to sever themselves from their delusions, and free them from the traps and bondages of the “five aggregates” of: sensations of the material world, emotions, thoughts, behaviour, and prejudices. 

   “The mind generates all things, and all things vanish with the mind.” 

   “Look at your mind and you will achieve ultimate liberation; do not look at your mind and you will always be in bondage.”

   Every step in the practice of Buddhism is aimed at curing the mind of its illnesses.  Life is full of thistles and thorns, and everywhere there is trouble and suffering.  We must discover our true spirit, turn our worries into happiness, seek wisdom from our troubles, and liberate ourselves from our bondages: these should be the most important objectives of our lives.  


(“Meditation Heals Mental Illnesses” DVD introduction and public talk poster by Master Huimen, LH Kwan translation, edited by Pat Ajello, 276-word version, 2009.6.3)


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