Swine Flu Massage 猪流感按摩 draft 8 稿

Swine Flu Massage猪流感按摩



1.  长春大学中医针灸推拿本科二年级盲生吴渊申请艾格思教授奖学金论文一, 初稿, 贵阳医学院三年级学生张娟参与研讨, 教授门生关健(理煊)英译呈阅. This is the beginning section of a draft paper by Changchun University Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Massage 2ndyear blind student WU Yuan applying for a Professor Joseph Agassi Scholarship, co-authored by Guiyang Medical School (Western medicine) 3rdyear student ZHANG Juan, English translation by KWAN Lihuen (LH Kwan) to submit to Professor Agassi.


Question 问:  What are the symptoms of your swine flu?

Question 问:Massage of which meridian points help relieve your symptoms?




Flu Treatment Journal of WU Yuan


—– Original Message —–

From: WU Yuan  吴渊 (Changchun, China中国长春)

To:  KWAN Lihuen 关理煊 (关健)(Vancouver, Canada加拿大)

Cc: ZHANG Juan  张娟 (Guiyang City 贵阳市)

Sent: Tuesday, October 20, 2009 3:43 AM (North China)

Subject: 流感治疗体会 Flu Treatment Journal


2. 前几日我校大规模爆发流感,我也不幸被传染。最初感觉为咽喉不适并伴有咳嗽症状,开始的时候我自行吃一些一般感冒药,可是未见成效,病情慢慢加重出现头疼、低烧眼睛干涩疼痛等症。后经积极隔离和我自己的治疗方法相结合的方式,现在已经痊愈。现将我个人体会记录如下.  I was unfortunately infected in a flu outbreak in our University several days ago. Initially I felt discomfort in my throat, together with a coughing symptom.  At first I took some general flu medicine, to no effect.  My condition slowly got worse, with headache, a low fever, dry and sore eyes, and other symptoms.  Subsequently, with positive isolation and my own treatment method, I have now recovered.  I record my personal experience as follows:     



I found that during my illness I had to, first of all, establish a healthy life style, specifically going to bed early, which is significant to me.  Night temperature is lower, when, relatively speaking, Yang warmth has decreased and Yin coldness is setting in: sleeping early avoids this unfavourable factor.


4. 其次饮食规律也是很重要的,还需注意多吃蔬菜水果,蔬菜为绿叶类的最好水果以苹果为佳,

Diet habit is also important.  I ate more vegetables and fruit: green leafy vegetables were best and apples were good as fruit.


5. 此外多喝水也是很有必要的,这样可以加快代谢,根据我自己的症状从中医的角度来说属于阴虚症,而这些都可很好的补充阴液;

One needs to drink more water to quicken metabolism.   And according to Chinese Medicine, my symptoms indicate a Yin deficiency illness, and these can quickly replenish Yin liquid.   


6. 再次应该注意的是卫生方面,

One should pay attention to hygiene.


7. 更应注意的是勤洗手,因为在此期间有时因为咳嗽或喷嚏可能会用手掩住口鼻,所以勤洗手就很有必要了.

One should wash one’s hands frequently, for in this period, one may use one’s hands to cover up one’s mouth or nose when one coughs or sneezes; so one needs to wash one’s hands frequently.


8.  最后 我还用中医特有的按摩穴位的方法来进行治疗,现简单将主要治疗作用与相应穴位列于下

Finally, I applied the meridian points massage method, special to Chinese Medicine to treat myself.  Simply listed below are the effects and the meridian points:


9. 头疼:神庭穴  头维穴  百会穴风池穴太阳穴及头两侧

Headache: Shenting, Tousei, Baihui, Fengchi, Taiyang, and both sides of the head.


10. 眼睛干涩疼痛:睛明穴  承泣穴  太阳穴及眼眶周围

Dry and sore eyes:  Jingming, Chengqi, Taiyang, and around the perimeters of the eyes.


11. 鼻塞:迎香穴  及鼻唇沟一带

Blocked nose: Yingxiang, and around the low area between the nose and mouth.


12. 咽喉不适及咳嗽:天鼎穴, 胸锁乳突肌.

Discomfort in the throat, and cough: Tianding point, and the sternocleidomastoid muscle.


13.  以上这些穴位可采用点按揉等手法进行按摩,

You can point-press or rub/knead the above points in the massage.


14.  需要指出的是按摩的最佳时间是睡觉前,最好是能躺在被子里进行按摩,完毕以后就直接盖上被子美美的睡上一觉等待清晨的到来了。

The best time for the massage is before bedtime.  The best way is to lie inside your blankets doing your massage.  When you have finished, cover yourself with your blankets and directly have a beautiful sleep to wait for morning to come. 


15. 当然这些按摩当然是没有副作用的,所以一天可以多按摩几次,

Of course these massages do not have ill side effects; so you can do them a few more times each day.


16.  还有就是要加强适当的身体锻炼了。You must also  strengthen your physical exercise suitably.



The above are my conclusions from personal experience, which are likely to be with bias and errors, for which I ask you to pardon and understand.  However, the effects can be really good, as I have personally found.





17.     Question 问: Did you have a fever你有没有发烧? Answer 答:  我本人有轻微的发烧,可是温度不高.而恶寒.Personally, I had a slight fever, but my temperature was not high.  My body had an aversion to cold air.  Question 问:由没有肌肉酸痛Did you have sore muscles?  Answer 答: 没有No.  我从来生病都没有这是我个人的特征.The muscles of my body did not have sore or other symptoms, which is typical of me with whatever illness.  In other words, I have never had the symptom of sore muscles with whatever illness I have suffered in the past.  可是部份别的六个染病隔离同学却个别有下列肌肉酸痛等不同的病症But some of the other six infected students, isolated with me, had sore muscles and other different symptoms as follows:


18.     Sore muscles 肌肉酸痛: 别的患了猪流感的同学有些有肌肉痛,全身都痛.Other students had sore muscles all over the body: 腿,腰,等 legs, loins, etc.  Some students experienced obvious great sore at specific areas 有些同学身体局部酸痛特别严重明显,部位主要是肱桡肌,尺泽,合谷, mainly: the bracchioradial muscle; and around the Chize, Quchi, and Hegu meridian points.

19.    Vomiting 有呕吐的

20.     Sensitive runny nose 有鼻酸流涕的

21.    Hot palms 有两手手心发热的

22.    Diarrhoea 有肚泻的

23.     Fever 发烧 For my own slight fever, I massaged both sides of my head above and below the ears and below the ear-lopes; and the Fengchi meridian point.  My body temperature lowered.   I touched my body, and felt it, not so much averted to cold as before.  15 minutes after massage, I slept.

24.     Question 问:别的感染同学怎样治疗自己? Answer 答:Most of these other students were not Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Massage students, e.g. accounting or horticulture.   They did not treat themselves with massage. 这些同学大部分不是中医学生,有学经济的,有学园林的,都没有自己按摩治疗.



Asked by LH Kwan关健 



Kwan 关问: How do you know that what you had was Swine Flu and not another seasonal flu?  你怎么知道你感染的是猪流感而不是别的流感?

Yuan吴渊答: Chinese traditional medicine cannot tell.  This is a shortcoming of Chinese traditional medicine.  这个中医不能判别:这是中医的缺陷。   

Kwan关: According to Doctor Master PANG Kong, my teacher, that is also a merit of Chinese traditional medicine: it treats whatever flu may turn up, old or new, with its standard method.  中医彭幹師尊(1910-1979)  说这也是中医的长处:不管出现的是什么流感,旧的新的,疗法一样。


Theme Question 主问题:  问张娟:猪流感与季节性或别的流感有什么分别?病毒当然不同。病毒不同H1N1 什么意思?别的HxNx 什么意思?西医认为不同流感有什么不同病症?Question to ZHANG Juan: How does swine flu differ from other flu types, e.g. seasonal flu types?      Of course the viruses are different: H1N1 being swine flu and HxNx being some other types.  What does H mean, and N?  What do their different values mean—linguistically, biologically, chemically, or otherwise?  Do different types of flu have different symptoms according Western medicine? (To be answered by ZHANG Juan.)  问吴渊Question to WU Yuan: 中医如何理解如此不同病症,能否以八纲辨别不同流感?How does Chinese Medicine understand and make sense of such Western medicine syndrome type differences?  中医如何了解如此不同的病症?能否以八纲辨别为不同流感?Can Chinese Medicine differentiate and map such different syndromes by and onto the standard Diagnostic Eight Categories (syndromes and diagnoses) of Yin-yang, external-internal, cold-hot, weak-solid?  是否伤寒论已经把所有流感,旧的新的都辨别分类了?而且治疗方法标准相同.Could it be that Chinese Medicine has already classified all flu types in the Treatise on the Common Cold  (Treatise on Febrile Diseases Caused by Cold )[i]by ZHANG Zhongjing (‘Medical Saint’) of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 A.D.)?  Doesn’t ZHANG’s syndrome classification classify all diseases caused by cold, the common cold or influenzas, old and new, ancient and modern, present and future?  Yet, the treatment is standard.  这可能就是彭干师尊说中医的缺点也是中医的优点.This perhaps is why Doctor Master PANG Kon (1910-1979) says this is a shortcoming as well as a merit of Chinese traditional medicine. 


2.     What different types of flu and cold does Chinese Medicine know of?  中医知道有什么不同的感冒,不同的伤风?

3.     How does Western Medicine differentiate types of flu and cold?  西医怎样分别不同的感冒,伤风?

    4. How does Chinese Medicine differentiate types of flu and cold?  中医怎样分别不同的感冒,伤风?


    5.  Are cold and flu diseases included in the theory of Treatise on Febrile Diseases Caused by Cold?  伤寒包不包括伤风感冒?

    6.  What are the types of syndromes theorized by the Treatise?  伤寒病征有哪几个不同的类别? 

7.     What are the symptoms of your, supposedly, swine flu?  (回答了。 Answered.)  吴渊这次感染相信是猪流感除了头痛以外还有什么病征?

8.     Massage of which meridian points help relieve your symptoms?   推拿什么穴位有帮助?(回答了。Answered.) 

9.     What were the symptoms of the other infected students?  别的感染同学有什么病症? What meridian points did they massage that help relieve the symptoms?   推拿按摩什么穴位有帮助?(回答了。Answered.)

10.   What are the general symptoms of swine flu?  普遍来说猪流感有甚么病症?Massage of which meridian points help relieve these general symptoms?  推拿按摩什么穴位有帮助?

11.   Do different patients of swine flu have different types of symptoms?  Can you differentiate them with your Eight Categories of Diagnosis  in Chinese Medicine.   猪流感不同病人是否有不同类别的病症? 能否以八纲辨别?

12.   Question 问 : How do you (WU Yuan) know that what you infected was swine flu and not other types of flu, e.g. seasonal flu?   吴渊你怎么知道你患的是猪流感而不是别的流感,譬如季节性流感? WU Yuan 吴渊答: 这个中医不能辨别。Chinese Medicine cannot judge and decide on this.    这是中医的缺陷。It is a shortcoming of Chinese Medicine.    Kwan 关:  Dr PANG Kon said it was also a merit of  Chinese Medicine.  中医彭干师尊说这也是中医的优点。(See Question 1 conjecture above. 请看上面1.)  WU Yuan later said 吴渊后来说: 我们只知道猪流感比别的流感厉害, 传染更快,更容易感染。We only know that the swine flu is much more severe and quickly and easily transmitted.







Could this be of any use to you in the current Swine Flu scare?  I, 70, have declined free vaccination, to test the devil. 猪流感吓人厉害, 我70岁不打免费防疫针,以身试法, 神农不也嚐百草吗?  LH Kwan 关健 




Gary Melsom 2009-10-21 1:16 a.m., Hong Kong:

     The main thing I would like to see, especially not being Chinese or that familiar with acupressure, is a diagram of the acupressure points.

    When you say that you have declined the free vaccination to ‘test the devil’, you may be more correct than you realise. How do we know what is in these vaccines produced by backwards seinapmoc detailiffa htiw eht yratilim lairtsudni xelpmoc ?

    I really would like to know exactly where to press. Thanks very much,




John Hewson, 2009-10-20  2:40 PM, Vancouver, Canada:

    Thanks for this, Kwan.

    I don’t know much about Chinese medicine, but this sounds really interesting concerning acupuncture. I follow most of the recommendations in the attachment, and have got flu vaccinations in the past.  There is an article in The Epoch Times of Vancouver saying that the swine flu hysteria is exaggerated.  It’s something to think about anyway.  I haven’t yet decided whether or not I’ll get a vaccination this year.

    Never test the devil.  He might pass the test!

 John Hewson



LH Kwan supervision and translation 关健(理煊)英译

Canada 加拿大 2009-10-23     

Swine Flu Massage 猪流感治疗体验draft 8 稿   (3160 words)



[i]  ZHANG Zhongjing.  Treatise on Febrile Diseases Caused by Cold.  English translation by LUO Xiwen, MA, Ph.D. Foreword by Joseph Needham. Beijing: New World Press, 1986.  


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