Cancer Chinese Cure


    Master Dr PANG Kon[1] said, “No surgery; no radiation; no chemotherapy.”

    I asked him, “How does Chinese traditional medicine treat cancer then?”

    He said, “I cannot tell you, because you may betray[2] it to the West.  Chinese traditional medicine treats cancers no different from tumours. The cure is in the Chinese medical classics.”

    He said more: “Cancer is the deterioration of a benign tumour into a malignant tumour. Cutting away the tumour reduces the chances of recovery.  Chemotherapy is worse.  Radiation makes a cure for ever impossible by Chinese traditional medicine.”

    My neighbour’s boy Keung[3] was diagnosed by a Hong Kong government Western medicine hospital as having cancer.  Dr PANG treated the boy.  I had news that the boy survived well and no news that he died.

    I did not dare publish Master PANG’s view for fear of a scandal.  The Master passed away in 1979. 

      Dale Beyerstein[4] said, “You must publish Dr PANG’s view, which, with his importance, is representative of other practitioners of Chinese traditional medicine.  Delay in surgery, radiation treatment, and chemotherapy, dangerously reduces a cancer patient’s chances of cure or survival.”     

    Dr David Klassen said, “I completely agree with Mr. Dale Beyerstein. This dangerous advice (not using surgery, radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy where indicated) could result in allowing a curable cancer to become incurable.”  (28 December 2008.) 

    Popper[5] would say, “Never mind the claimed cure being Chinese or Western: criticize and test the cure for its worth.” 

    Peter Ballin said, “I agree with both Popper and Dale. I’ve forwarded it to my oncology nurse wife Shirley.”  (28 December 2008.)

    Shirley Ballin said, “Scary.  We have too many patients come to us after delaying traditional western treatment to use Chinese herbal medicine and then when it doesn’t work they come pleading to us to save them.  Of course, by then it’s usually too late to receive anything but palliative treatment.  In many cases a person can take Chinese herbal remedies and western treatments concurrently but both practitioners need to be advised.  (2 January 2010.)

        David Steele, Ph.D., said, “…It’ll cause a lot of unnecessary suffering and death…. If traditional Chinese medicine routinely cured cancer we’d have no cancer these days. People would have jumped on it long ago, been cured and broadcast the fact far and wide.”  (28 December 2008.)

        My Western Philosophy mentor Professor Joseph Agassi said, “Fear not scandal as long as your intent is fair.  Feel free to publish.”  (27 April 2006.)

KWAN Lihuen

Canada 2010-06-11

416 words.  Draft 2. 

[1] Dr PANG Kong 彭幹 (PENG Naizhen 彭乃桢) placed second in the first ever national examination of practitioners of Chinese traditional medicine administered by the Republic of China Government before the Guomintang Government was forced by the Chinese Communists to  retreat from Peking  to Chungking, Nanking.   Dr PANG practised in Hong Kong, lectured in Chinese traditional medicine in Hong Kong, and was the Confucianism master of the author.  His only surviving successor in the practice of Chinese traditional medicine, Dr HO Yubing 何譽丙 still practises in Hong Kong. 

[2]  麻黄 Mahuang, English name Ephedra, pharmaceutical name Herba Ephedrae, botanical name Ephedra sinica Stapf. or E. Equistesting Bge, is an example.  German doctor Schmidt, learned in Hong Kong its use in treating Asthma, took it back to a pharmaceutical company in Germany, and did not acknowledge the origin.

[3] KOT Wing-Keung 葛永强 was about 12 years old before I left Hong Kong in 1973. He was diagnosed by the ‘ear-nose-throat’ department of Queen Elizabeth Hospital as having many cancer cells in his neck and was prescribed chemotherapy.  His teeth were loose and so all were removed, ready for the chemotherapy.   His mother took him to Dr PANG, who said to the boy, “If you want me to treat you, do not have chemotherapy or radiation treatment.”  Keung later lived in the USA, and his mother in Hawaii. 

[4] Dale Beyerstein taught Philosophy at the University of British Columbia and later at the Vancouver Community College, Langara Campus. 

[5] Professor Karl Popper.  Logic of Scientific Discovery.  London: Hutchinson, 1959.  Conjectures and Refutations, London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1963.  Succeeded by Professor Joseph Agassi at al.   



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