Agassi Teaches 艾格思教学法


Agassi Teaches 艾格思教学法

“Any questions?” Dr Agassi asked                1960 年,香港大学,哲学第一课.

our first Philosophy class in 1960,               “有问题吗?” 艾格思教授问.

Hong Kong.

“No questions,” we shook our heads.              “没有问题.” 我们摇头说.

“Class dismissed,” Agassi said.                  “下课.” 教授说.

Surprise.                                                           “不是吧! 您还没讲课呢.” 我们说.

“But you haven’t lectured,” we said.                 “回去看书吧.” 他说.

“Read your books,” he said.

We came back for the next class.                下一课,一开始还是: “有问题吗?”

“Any questions?” he began.                          “没有问题.” 我们还是说.

“No questions,” we said.                                    “下课.再见.”

“Class dismissed.”

“He must be joking,” we thought.                        “不是吧. 怎么搞的?” 大家说.

He was not.                                                      第二课又完了.

Class was dismissed.

The third class.                                     第三课,

We came back with tough questions.                     我们准备了很凶的问题.

Wow!                                                              讨论精彩极了!




Critiques on ‘Agassi Teaches’ 评艾格思教学法

“This does sound like effective teaching, although I would not have the nerve to try it.” (“听来确是有效教学; 我可不敢胆粗尝试.”) (Joel Kupperman, Profesor  of Philosophy, University of Connecticut.  古博文教授, 康州大学哲学系. 2006.8.23.)

“I couldn’t have dismissed my class–I’d have lost my job.  I’d signed a contract to teach a certain number of hours.”  (“我可不能够这样遣散学生下课, 这样做要解雇我了: 合约写明委定数目的教学钟点.”  (安马丽硕士Anne Marie Epp, M.A., Vancouver, BC schools English teacher, Canada 加拿大温哥华中学英文教师. 2006.8.23.)

“艾格思教学法很有启发意义.我想如果教师们都这样进行教学,会培养一大批有探究能力有自主学习能力的优秀学生.” (‘Agassi Teaches’ is inspiring.  If all teachers do this, we’ll have an army of autonomous investigative scholars.”  (贵阳市盲聋哑学校饶舞林校长 RAO Wulin, Principal, Guiyang City School for the Blind or Deaf, Guizhou Province, China.  2006.8.24.)

LH Kwan 关健理煊 2009.6.26

(File: Agassi Teaches 艾格思教学法 with crtiques.  2009 06.26.  514 words.)



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