Shalom Tibet! 2006 – 2014

Shalom Tibet! 2006 – 2014

KWAN Lihuen


Shalom Tibet!  2006 04 30

Independence is a “No, no.” It’s karma for bloodshed again. The Dalai Lama must relinquish his political power. He is now Pope and emperor in exile.

The Buddha gave up his political power. Jesus never had any. This is separation of religion and state. No more theocracy.

Dissident Tibetans in Tibet are refugees. They have the right to leave Tibet safely. Tibetans with the Dalai Lama in India are refugees. They have the right to go back to their homeland safely.

They have the right to vote and be candidates for The National People’s Congress in Beijing. They must not be discriminated against joining military service to bear arms.

Allowed back in Tibet, the Dalai Lama must not control the Tibet provincial government, Must not occupy the ‘Palace’, And must not declare Tibet independent.

Leave it to Taiwan, to fight for multi-party democracy in China, And then have an independence referendum. Look at the Province of Quebec in Canada.

The moment Taiwan or Tibet declares independence, There will be bloodshed, PRC Chinese killing their Taiwanese or Tibetan brothers. Let Taiwan try it first: Ah-Bien has USA weapons.

Better ‘Liberal Nationalism for Tibet,’ Modeled after Liberal Nationalism for Israel. It’s an epic sutra of hope for Tibet. Shalom Tibet!


Shalom Dalai2006 04 30

Pope, emperor–in exile, Lord, and King, As long as you don’t Relinquish your political power.

Attachment to your political power Is the cause of suffering, Not your suffering, But the suffering of your people.

Pope and emperor you were, Your throne in the Potala ‘Palace’, Worshiped as Vajradhara, Prostrated to as God.

Are you the Prophet in exile today, The Conqueror Vajradhara, Emanating as an Enjoyment Body, Smiling?

You were the ‘Ayatola’, Mohammed the Prophet, Tibet was your Mecca, Your power was absolute.

Lama Buddhism is dogmatic. Doubt is not tolerated. Followers prostrate to the lama. The guru is above the Buddha.

Dalai Mohammed? No. Shalom Dalai? Yes, yes!

Potala Palace 2006 04 30

For His Holiness, Without political power: Keep the “Potala Palace” and Call it “Potala Monastery”?

Would this be disrespect to Princess Wencheng (文成公主), The ancestral Queen of Tibet? The Potala Palace (799) is her shrine, Where she is still worshiped by the Tibetan people.

The Buddha gave up his palace. Jesus did not have a palace.

Monk Bodhidharma (501-600) from India, The first Chinese Zen patriarch, Was a visiting guest at the Shaolin Temple, Where he taught the young monks martial arts. ‘Shaolin’ means a big group of young monks. He was the greatest master of martial arts. He meditated in a cave, Facing the wall for nine years.

Monk Tripitaka (600-664), in 629 or 627, “Took his staff, bound his feet, and on foot Braved the perils of the deserts and mountains of Central Asia,” And arrived in India in 633. He studied Buddhism and collected sutras there. He returned to China in 645. He lived in a monastery in Xi’an. He translated the ‘Heart Sutra”.

The illiterate woodcutter Huineng (慧能)(632-713), The 6th and last Chinese Zen Patriarch, Had a temple: his body is still there, Sitting.

What did Nagarjuna (龙树)(150-250) have in India? Wasn’t he the greatest monk scholar of his time? His ‘emptiness’ inspired Tsongkhapa.

Wasn’t Tsongkhapa (1357-1419) the greatest lama in Tibet? He reformed the corrupt lamas. And revived Buddhism in Tibet. Which monastery did he live in?

Empty is the Potala Palace.

Tibet Vatican 2006 04 30

This is a possibility. The Dalai Lama becomes the lama Pope. He occupies the Potala Palace. He has absolute power like the Catholic Pope.

This lama state is independent. Its territory is like the Vatican, Less than one square kilometre, And has about 1000 citizens.

In this Lama Pope’s government, The ministers and administrators are lamas. The Palace has volunteer guards With Potala and international dual citizenships.

This Potala State is a sovereign state, Recognized internationally, Like the Vatican State, Independence dream come true.

Potala will be a great tourist resort, A spiritual Shangrila, With a self-sufficient economy, Like the Vatican.

Will Beijing concede to this? If not, the book Liberal Nationalism for Israel Will be the sutra to achieve it.

The trouble is: Lamaism has four jewels instead of three: The Buddha, the Dharma, the Sangha, And, and above all, the absolute lama.

It is fundamentalism, As in Judaism, Christianity, or Islam. When will humanity awake? Shalom!


  1. Shalom Tibet: This prayer for Tibet originates from my reading of Liberal Nationalism for Israel by Professor Joseph Agassi. (Jerusalem and New York: Gefen 1999.) The book’s “Preface to the English-language edition” is online. Israel (1999) is still under theocratic control. Non-Jew Arab citizens are not allowed to join the military and bear arms. But good employment opportunities want only applicants with military service record. Non-Jew Arab ‘citizens’ do not have the right to vote or stand for ‘parliament’ elections. Agassi says until Israel sheds this rabbinic theocratic control of the ‘parliament’, Israel is not a ‘nation’ but only a Jewish ‘congregation’, and there is no justice between Jewish citizens and non-Jew Arab citizens within Israel, and there will be no end to conflict between Israel and the Muslim Palestine nation. Israel rabbis must relinquish their dictate to the ‘parliament’, and Israel must model after the separation of state and church in mature western democracies. Israel must also help the economy of the Palestine State. To save the European Jews in the 2nd World War, Jewish leader Hillel Kook (alias Peter Bergson), staying in the USA, pleaded that the European Jews should be given refugee status and be allowed to migrate to Palestine (later Israel territory), but the British authorities ruling the Palestine then barred this migration. American-Jewish leaders in the USA also persuaded the White House not to allow those European Jews to emigrate as refugees to the USA, because Zionism required those European Jews to migrate only to Palestine. The result was the holocaust by the Nazis. Hillel Kook had suggested the establishment of a government in exile or declaration of independence for an Israel state. He had the vision of a liberal nationalism for Jew and non-Jew Arab citizens in a state of Israel, which should help the establishment and economy of a Palestine state for the Arabs under the same principle of liberal nationalism. Kook’s vision was, and still is, rejected by the rabbis in authority. “Shalom Tibet” appeals to the Dalai Lama to learn from Kook’s vision and the separation of church and state.
  2. Tibet Theocracy: “Tibet government headed by the Dalai was a theocracy of feudal serfdom, darker and more backward than medieval Europe, the ecclesiastical and secular serf owners only 5%, savage punishments gouging out eyes, cutting off ears, tongues, hands and feet, pulling out tendons, and throwing people into rivers or off cliffs.” ( )
  3. Secession: Bevin Chu , a Taiwanese-American architect, writes in “Tibet; how about some historical correctness?” online,; “Both Tibetan-Chinese and Han-Chinese were conquered by the Mongols under the leadership of Genghis Khan and his grandson Kublai Khan in the 13th century. When the Mongol or Yuan Dynasty collapsed a century later, it was supplanted by a Han-Chinese dominated Ming Dynasty, which inherited jurisdiction over the Mongol empire, including the Tibetan region. This is how Tibet, and of course Mongolia, became part of China. “Tibet was not “invaded” or “annexed” by China in 1959. Because by then the Tibetan region had been part of China for seven centuries, five centuries longer than these United States of America have even been in existence. One does not “invade” or “annex” what is already one’s own territory. Beijing dispatched troops to prevent secession by the serf-owning elite which objected to the abolition of slavery, not to implement annexation. …. “(In China) communism is dead (today). Communism was a political ideology obsessed with economic equality. Communism adjudged who was good and who was bad on the basis of its fatally flawed economic theory. To communist true believers the relevant question was to which economic class do you belong. Are you a capitalist victimizer or a proletarian victim? Ethnicity to communism was always irrelevant. The Chinese Communists were no exception. They committed their atrocities because they were fanatical radical egalitarians, “coercive egalitarians.” The Lamaist theocracy was targeted because it engaged in the economic exploitation of Tibet’s serfs. “When Red Guards vandalized monasteries in Tibet they were doing precisely the same thing to Zen Buddhist monasteries, Taoist monasteries, Christian churches, Jewish synagogues all over the rest of China.”
  4. Melting pot: “America was not the world’s only melting pot. Modern China looks ethnically homogenous not because of “Aryan racial purity,” but because of millennia of what Ku Klux Klansmen and neo-Nazis denounce as “mongrelization of the races.” China ranks among the most “mongrelized” nations in the world. Even China’s so-called “Han” majority is in fact comprised of numerous Asiatic tribes which began intermarrying as early as the Shang dynasty (1500-1100 BCE.) “Jews who emigrated to Kaifeng one thousand years ago are so thoroughly assimilated they are indistinguishable from “native” Chinese. Jews in Europe and even America remain physically distinct due to incomplete assimilation.” (Anonymous)

Bevin Chu quotes (p.2, Ibid.): “In Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region, a statue of the Tang Princess Wen Cheng, who married the Tubo tsampo, king of Tibet, in 641, is still enshrined and worshiped in the Potala Palace. The Tang-Tubo Alliance Monument erected in 823 still stands in the square in front of the Jokhang Monastery. The monument inscription reads in part, “The two sovereigns, uncle and nephew, having come to agreement that their territories be united as one, have signed this alliance of great peace to last for eternity! May God and humanity bear witness thereto so that it may be praised from generation to generation.”

5 Potala Palace: I was asked why the Dalai Lama must not occupy the Potala Palace. The Potala Palace was built (799) for Princess Wencheng, for whose homesick Buddhist faith the King revived Buddhism in Tibet. This ‘palace’ was occupied afterwards by the Dalai Lama’s court as government buildings.

LH Kwan


“Shalom Tibet” (1674 words)

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Shalom Tibet! 2014 10 23

Today His Holiness the Dalai Lama has relinquished his political power. He is a Moses no more, but a Jesus.

He is leading a 观音灌顶法会Compassion Baptism Ceremony in the Thunderbird Arena of the University of British Columbia, Canada on Thursday, 23 October 2014 from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. This is a purely religious ritual.

He invites followers of all religions or no religion to receive this Baptism of Compassion, be they Muslims, Jews, Christians, agnostics, humanists, sceptics, atheists, or Buddhists, each of which can visualize their own ‘God’ of compassion when being compassion baptized by him. The ideal of Compassion in Buddhism is Guan Yin in Chinese, known as Avalokitesvara in Sanskrit; Holy Mary for Catholics; “The LORD, The LORD God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering and abundant in goodness and truth” (Exodus, Ch. 34.  Agassi 2014.10.22) for Jews;  ‘God the Compassionate and Merciful’ (Haroon Kahn 2014.10.21) for Muslims; loving kindness or humanity for agnostics, sceptics, atheists, and Confucianists (Kwan); and Nature for Taoists and North American natives.  Compassion embraces all.

Truly, if different religions will affirm and share the ideal of Compassion as their divinity, there will be harmony among religions, and no more war. It will be inter-faith harmony, or inter-spiritual harmony, to include atheists. Compassion has been his Holiness the Dalai Lama’s gospel for years.  In fact he has also been proclaimed an embodiment of the compassion of Guan Yin.

I am a Confucianist agnostic humanist, a three-time-initiated Buddhist. I have also been baptized by three Anglican priests together, two being my university Philosophy classmates.  I was also educated from grade 7 to university by Catholic Irish Jesuit fathers.

I shall kneel and receive this Compassion Baptism by his Holiness the Dalai Lama, now that he is no longer a political power figure.

His, the Dalai Lama’s gospel of compassion points a way to peace between Israeli Jews and Palestinian Muslims. It points a way to inter-faith harmony.

Beijing can allow his Holiness the Dalai Lama to come back to Tibet to see and lead his people, the Tibetans. Now.

KWAN Lihuen

Vancouver, Canada 2014 10 23

2129 words.

File: Shalom Tibet! 2006 – 2014



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